How do you know when it’s time to replace the toner in your printer? Many companies rely on the printer’s indicator light, but this could be a costly mistake.

When the “low toner” light goes on, you may assume it’s time to replace your toner. However, this light is often set to go on when your toner reaches 10-20% – which means you could have weeks or even months of toner left! You’ll be spending more on cartridges if you replace them too soon, but waiting too long can cause expensive business delays. Stockpiling supplies isn’t the answer – it means taking up valuable space and potential waste.

Just in time toner solves this problem. By partnering with a Managed Print Services provider, you’ll enjoy automatic supply refills.  With print monitoring the toner you need will show up at your door just before you run out, maximizing your use of each toner cartridge, saving you money.

How Does it Work?

Just in time toner works by combining your actual print usage data with information about your printer’s make and model to calculate how many days of toner you have left. This is done by your MPS provider remotely monitoring your print usage so that your refill dates are specific to each device your business has.

By providing toner just before you run out, you will purchase less toner during the life of your printer, saving you money. You’ll also eliminate supply stockpiles, and free up your IT team from having to manage resupplying your printer. Overall, just in time toner can be a significant savings for your company.

Print is a major expense for businesses, and your toner purchases are a big part of it. By utilizing automatic toner refills through a Managed Print Services provider, you can take the guesswork out of your resupply needs, and focus on more important matters.

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