The inkjet printer is a common device in many offices. A few years ago prices came down, functionality and quality got better and many business owners were lured by the low price tag.

What wasn’t often realized was the hidden costs of those “inexpensive” inkjet printers which became pretty apparent when it was time to replace the ink. It’s not the cost of the printer, it’s all about the consumables.

A recent study comparing the cost of various liquids revealed some interesting statistics. Here’s a sample:

  • Crude oil $0.015 per oz.
  • Milk $.02 per oz.
  • Dom Perignon $4.54 per oz.
  • Human Blood $10.83 per oz.
  • Chanel No. 5 Perfume $22.00 per oz.


  • Liquid Ink for the Average Printer $32.99 per oz.!

Suddenly that inexpensive inkjet printer, isn’t so inexpensive anymore! Put into perspective, if your printer cartridge is good for 500 copies (at the manufacturer’s rated yield of 5% page coverage, about a paragraph of text) your cost per page is around 65 cents. If you look at higher coverage, maybe some graphics with that paragraph, your cost shoots up to over a dollar per page. That’s for black and white. If that same page is colour, your costs go up exponentially! Colour uses 4 or more cartridges to print.

You print costs can be controlled, you just need a strategy. If you’re not sure where to start, contacting a Managed Print Services provider for a print environment assessment is a great first step. They will come to your office, inventory your print environment and prepare a review based upon your inventory and print volume to show you exactly what you’re spending for each page on each device.

It’s great information to have to begin adapting a cost-cutting strategy.  An MPS provider can work with you to set-up a program and upgrade your existing technology, put print monitoring and controls in place and lower your expenses while improving your workflow and employee productivity. In today’s challenging economy lowering your bottom line is always a winning strategy for success!