When a business is operating smoothly, we tend to take productivity for granted. However, when a problem arises, like a printing bottleneck and productivity grinds to a halt, we all sit up and take notice!

Here are five ideas for building productivity into your company’s mission to keep your team operating at peak efficiency!

Engagement is the Key

Here are five ideas to keep your team engaged and productive in the coming year.

  • Provide the Proper Tools – The right hardware, software, network support, and devices can keep your team productive. The right tools can make work easier and streamline workflows. For example, Xerox ConnectKey technology makes collaboration, printing, and storage more efficient. Scan data to the cloud, collaborate and print documents from anywhere, anytime.
  • Provide Ongoing Training – A study by the International Journal of Science and Research found that proper and ongoing training benefits both employers and employees. It can increase engagement, foster improvements in efficiency, and increase individual and team productivity.
  • Encourage Autonomy – A team of self-starters can really help your business thrive. One of the most effective techniques for fostering productivity is having managers spend less time micromanaging their teams. While it may seem counterintuitive, giving your team the space to make their own decisions on how and where to work can send productivity soaring!
  • Foster an Environment of Open Communication – Focus on the future rather than dwelling on past mistakes. Open communication shows your employees that you’re committed to their personal growth and moving the business forward. Open communication fosters innovation.
  • Provide Great “Perks” – Flex time, remote work options, and other perks can increase employee engagement and job satisfaction. Happy, respected employees are more productive.

Creating a culture of open communication, autonomy, and great benefits will show your employees that you care, and create a team with a sense of ownership. Make the effort to engage your team and you’ll reap the benefits!