How you handle process has a direct impact on the overall efficiency of your business. For example, when it comes to invoicing, your customers expect to be billed accurately and in a timely manner. Today, technology enables you to automate much of this process ensuring that your customers are billed promptly, and your cash flow is predictable.


The Benefits of Digital Workflows

With properly implemented digital workflows, you can streamline processes like invoicing by automating many tasks. As a result, you’ll enjoy:

  • Improved Productivity – Routing documents through the process with a single mouse click can drastically reduce the time spent on invoice processing. This will free your team’s time to work on other critical tasks like growing your business!
  • Improved Accuracy – By eliminating manual data entry or repetitive processes you’ll ensure a higher level of accuracy.
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction – When you expedite the approval process, invoices can be delivered to customers faster.  You’ll also enjoy immediate payment confirmation and account status. This might seem insignificant, but this will result in higher customer satisfaction.
  • Enhanced Security – In these days of increased cybercrime, rock-solid security is a must. Digitized documents can be encrypted throughout the process from creation to delivery to safeguard customer and company information that you want to keep from prying eyes.
  • More Accurate Record Keeping – Digital records are searchable, sharable and easily accessed when needed, anywhere at any time if they’re securely stored in the cloud. Digitizing your invoicing process is much less time consuming than searching through piles of paper. Digital documents are also easily archived and can be recalled immediately when needed.

When you think about all of the steps an invoice goes through from creation, to payment confirmation, to archiving, you can see the time benefits automation provides. Simple things like scanning paper documents into digital workflows can help you to improve productivity, accuracy, and process.

If you’d like to learn more about digital document management, give one our team members a call and let us show you how a digital document management system will improve your team’s productivity and can help you grow your business!