In today’s competitive business world, organizations rely increasingly more heavily on their computer networks for vital business processes, including document creation and storage. While the nature of a digital work environment can expose the vulnerability of your data to hackers and thieves, there are a number of security measures which can be implemented to prevent your information from falling in to the wrong hands.

As documents are scanned, copied, or printed on your multifunction printer, a digital image is created and stored on the internal hard drive. If left unsecured, hackers and thieves may access your data or attempt to install malicious software. Xerox ConnectKey technology helps protect your information with features such as:

  • User authentication. Regardless of where your MFPs are located, unauthorized access by either internal or external sources can lead to loss or theft of data. User authentication protocols can be implemented according to individual or department, which require the user to input a password or code before accessing the device. Once they have been authenticated, the print job is logged to create an audit trail regardless of where the job originated. Xerox Connectkey software further enhances security by intercepting and rejecting malicious attempts at hacking, or the installation of software or downloads.
  • Real-time security alerts. Designated persons are instantly alerted if an attempt is made to bypass security, thanks to McAfee solutions which are designed to continuously monitor, prevent, and report unauthorized access to your Xerox ConnectKey-enabled MFP. A report is automatically generated with each attempt, providing business owners and managers with the information they need to take preventive measures throughout their organization.
  • Data and hardcopy protection. Xerox ConnectKey-enabled MFPs use the latest data encryption methods, to prevent loss of data during transmission of documents from office devices to the printer. Data encryption scrambles the information, rendering it unreadable until it reaches the MFP, but does little to protect documents which lay unclaimed in the output tray. ConnectKey technology allows organizations to assign a unique ID to each print job, requiring users to input the code at the printer before the job is released.

Ready to achieve a higher level of security in your office environment? Xerox has the solutions you need to safeguard your information, with ConnectKey-enabled MFPs. Contact us today to learn more!

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