It only needs to happen once. A data breach can ruin your business. Today it’s a never ending struggle to stay ahead of potential threats to your business.

A managed document system increases the efficiency of your processes and plays a role in keeping your sensitive data safer. A three-part security protocol can help to keep you safe and maintain industry compliance needs.

Print Output Management

Create protocols and processes to manage output. This is step one of a comprehensive security plan.

  • User Authentication – Implement an identifier for user permissions and allow authorized access only.
  • Data Encryption – Documents should be encrypted as they travel through your network to your printer.
  • “Follow-Me” Printing – Documents can be output on any networked printer and securely released to authorized and confirmed users.
  • Auditing and Archiving – Administrative software tracks users and saves a copy of documents to specified network folders for added security and auditing.

Digital File Management

Digitized documents are more secure and more easily replaced and restored in the event of a cyber attack, breach or natural disaster. Digitization can also:

  • Create Automated Workflows – Automatically notify recipients of tasks required to move documents through the workflow.
  • Create Secure Access – Users can only access documents they need to complete tasks. This prevents unauthorized access to documents and data.
  • Audit Tracking – Documents can be tracked from creation to completion including all edits, access and dates and times.
  • Disaster Recovery – Cloud based systems free you from onsite storage needs and redundancy protects data in the event of an attack or natural disaster.

Scanning Solutions

Scanned documents replace paper, making security easier to maintain and preventing data from falling into the wrong hands.

  • Rules Based Scanning – Scanned documents can be routed securely to specific recipients or departments.
  • Protect Data In Transit – Scanned data can be encrypted at the source before being sent through your network.

Implementing a document management system can improve workflows, protect sensitive data and enhance collaboration. A Managed Print Services provider can help determine your needs and recommend options as well as implementing a system that works for you. If you’re interested in learning more call and schedule a consultation with a Graden representative.