While the concept of a paperless workplace is on the rise, many companies are still relying on paper-intensive processes to operate. Some of the reasoning behind this is that they feel the current processes in place are “good enough” or they just aren’t aware of what other options are available. The challenge with heavy reliance on paper is that as your business grows, so does the mound of paperwork. Having to deal with an overwhelming amount of paper takes away from productivity and creates a number of business inefficiencies.

Transitioning to an electronic document management system is an effective solution to overcome many of the challenges that are presented with a paper-intensive workplace. By being able to securely store all of your core documents in one central location, electronic document management gives your business a competitive edge.

Here are several ways that document management will take your business to the next level:

1. Increases productivity. 

If you’re relying on paper-based processes, your employees are spending more time than they need to complete their work. Transitioning to digital workflows will instantly boost productivity and provide a live audit trail for users to track who has viewed and/or made modifications to a document. An electronic document management system will also provide businesses with insight about departments within the organization that are struggling to complete workflows so that changes can be made.

2. Provides business continuity.

You never know what the future will bring, which is why your business needs to have an effective backup and recovery plan in place. Fortunately, an electronic document management system can provide your business with the peace of mind knowing that your data is being securely stored to provide for a worry-free recovery process if needed.

3. Improves collaboration.

With more employees working remotely these days, an electronic document management system will allow your employees to be more productive while on-the-go. The enhanced security of an electronic document management system ensures that every document gets to where it needs to go without being compromised. Your employees also benefit from being able to access documents from their mobile devices, which prevents delays in workflows.

Having all of your documents stored electronically in one central location creates a more productive work environment where employees can easily collaborate. Contact us to learn more about the benefits of adopting an electronic document management system.