Many businesses today are exploring the idea of moving their documents and workflows into an electronic process. With the ability to save time and money, switching to digital can be an important choice for your company. However, many businesses are unsure of the value of making this switch. Is going digital right for you?

The Benefits of Digital

As much as 80% of business is still conducted using paper. Paper is an expensive medium – hard to store, time-consuming to search, and not secure. Digital solves these problems. When you switch to digital, you can take advantage of these and other benefits.

  • Digital storage is inexpensive and doesn’t take up significant physical space in your office.
  • Digital documents can be indexed for easy searching.
  • Collaboration becomes easier when files are stored and transmitted electronically.
  • Digital documents can be password protected and encrypted for security. This also makes regulatory compliance easier.
  • When workflows are conducted electronically, they can be easily audited.

Making the Switch

To get the most out of switching to digital, keep two things in mind: get your data to a digital format as soon as possible after its creation, and make that data useful.

The point of origin – i.e. when a paper form, order sheet, or other document comes into your possession – is the most valuable time to convert it to digital. From here, you can easily push the document through its workflow, index it for searching, and securely store it. The more processes it goes through before becoming digital, the less value you get from going digital with your data.

In the past, scanning a document only created a static digital image. With today’s technology, however, you can capture the data within the document, creating structure and organization. This makes your data more useful and valuable, allowing you to do more with fewer resources spent.

So – is going digital right for your business? The answer for many companies is “yes” and Xerox has the technology to make the transition easy and effective for businesses of every size and across industries. Contact one of our team members to learn more!