Be More Productive While on the Road

Even the most organized traveler can miss the comforts of their home and office while away on business. The change in time zone or climate, scheduling delays and cabin conditions or less than stellar accommodations can all have a negative impact on productivity. You can increase your odds of a successful trip by taking the time to prepare before you leave, and using technology to your advantage while you’re away.

Embrace the cloud. Reap the benefits of cloud technology to store sensitive data easily and securely before you leave. Once you’ve uploaded your materials to a cloud storage and collaborative service such as Office365, Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive, simply delete them from your mobile device. In the event one or more of your devices becomes lost or stolen your information remains accessible and protected.
Pack for success. Make a list of all the devices you’ll need to perform your duties while you’re away, and any accessories or peripherals such as extra batteries, charging cords, power cords and more.
Take charge. Arrive at your destination fully charged, having planned ahead and plugged in all your devices the night before you leave. In addition to looking more polished at meetings, you’ll be able to remain in the loop with associates and colleagues and avoid the hassle of searching for an available outlet within easy reach.
Be familiar. Find a hotel chain that has accommodations geared towards business travel, including amenities such as a business center, meeting areas, spacious rooms with ample workspace, free Wi-Fi and more. Join their loyalty program to enjoy points and perks and try to book with them each time you travel.
Tackle your paperwork. Leave your worries behind by wrapping up paperwork before you head home. The […]

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How to Gain a Competitive Edge with Electronic Document Management

While the concept of a paperless workplace is on the rise, many companies are still relying on paper-intensive processes to operate. Some of the reasoning behind this is that they feel the current processes in place are “good enough” or they just aren’t aware of what other options are available. The challenge with heavy reliance on paper is that as your business grows, so does the mound of paperwork. Having to deal with an overwhelming amount of paper takes away from productivity and creates a number of business inefficiencies.

Transitioning to an electronic document management system is an effective solution to overcome many of the challenges that are presented with a paper-intensive workplace. By being able to securely store all of your core documents in one central location, electronic document management gives your business a competitive edge.

Here are several ways that document management will take your business to the next level:

1. Increases productivity. 

If you’re relying on paper-based processes, your employees are spending more time than they need to complete their work. Transitioning to digital workflows will instantly boost productivity and provide a live audit trail for users to track who has viewed and/or made modifications to a document. An electronic document management system will also provide businesses with insight about departments within the organization that are struggling to complete workflows so that changes can be made.

2. Provides business continuity.

You never know what the future will bring, which is why your business needs to have an effective backup and recovery plan in place. Fortunately, an electronic document management system can provide your business with the peace of mind knowing that your data is being securely stored to provide for a worry-free recovery process if needed.

3. Improves […]

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Introducing Your New Xerox Workplace Assistants

Xerox created ConnectKey technology to transform your workplace and meet the needs of businesses today. It gives your mobile workforce access to your office print environment from wherever they are, whenever they need it! This gives your team the freedom they need to be more productive and solve problems in the office or on the road.

Xerox is proud to announce the release of 29 new workplace assistants! These include 19 new VersaLink printers and MFPs and 10 new AltaLink MFPs all part of the growing ConnectKey portfolio. Here are just a few of the benefits and new features of these great new devices!

VersaLink Printers and MFPs

VersaLink is perfect for small to mid-sized enterprises. The provide innovative functionality with a low cost-of-ownership. VersaLink devices give your mobile team the freedom to work on their own terms, whenever they need it, wherever they are! With 19 new devices available, you’re sure to find the perfect printer for your unique business needs.

AltaLink MFPs

AltaLink MFPs are designed for larger organizations. These machines provide increased productivity with faster boot times and single pass scanning. Ten new devices offer an assortment of A3, colour and monochrome MFPs to choose from.

Both VistaLink and AltaLink devices offer amazing benefits like:

• Intuitive Interface – All 29 devices offer a customizable interface allowing you to create the perfect machine to meet your business’ unique workflow needs. It’s intuitive design means it’s easier to use – and that means less time spent at the printer.

• Cloud and Mobile Compatibility – Information flows seamlessly between Xerox devices and the cloud using Office 365, Google Drive and DropBox. This means easier access for your team on the road. Your team can print, scan and share documents from […]

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The Changing Face of Customer Support

While the concept of customer support is a given for businesses of all sizes, the method of delivery evolves rapidly with every instance of changing technology.

No longer, for instance, is a phone number that connects to a voicemail service sufficient to keep small and medium-sized businesses connected with their customers. Today’s consumers expect digital interaction and fast response.

Fortunately, even for budget-conscious SMBs, a range of options can keep foster better customer relations.

24/7 phone support. Few interactions are as frustrating as phoning a company for help and hearing a message to call back during “normal business hours.”  If your budget allows for it, around-the-clock live phone support can prove vital, especially if your business attracts customers from across the country or around the world.
Texting. As consumers, particularly millennials, become more comfortable with texting, you may find that a texting option that connects customers directly to your support staff is even more desirable than live voice support.
Live chat on your website. Sometimes a simple question or request is best handled via chat, particularly if the customer is using his or her phone for other purposes at the time, or if the customer is more comfortable writing down the details of his request.
Social media. It’s no secret that a well-optimized Facebook page can attract customers, particularly if you emphasize that messaging will be answered promptly.
Troubleshooting/self-service. While this option isn’t for everyone, you may find in your research that your customer base may want the option of a “do it yourself” solution.

The Talent Behind the Technology

While technology is offering new and fast ways to help customers, there is still no substitute for recruiting and retaining the right people to handle the questions, issues or […]

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How MPS can Benefit your Legal Office

Paper documents are a staple in the legal industry. These costs can quickly add up, with print making up 1-3% of annual expenses for many legal firms. Despite this expense, many managers do not really know how much they are spending on print. With Managed Print Services, costs can be controlled while delivering other important benefits to your legal office.

Streamlined Print Environment

Often, the print environment is developed without a strategy in mind. By assessing your current print environment, a Managed Print Services provider can lay out a plan to bring costs under control by streamlining the management of your devices. Whether you’re ready to buy new devices or not, MPS can help determine a short- and long-term plan for managing your printers.

An MPS provider can also help you arrange your office in a more efficient manner. Printers along high traffic areas may get the most print jobs and have long delays, while other printers are often free. By redesigning your print environment, users will be directed to print to the most efficient machine for the job, allowing your entire office to work more efficiently without having to wait for someone else’s print job to finish.

New Solutions to Industry Problems

Whether you’re trying to control your budget, plan for disasters, or comply with regulations, an MPS provider can help guide you to solutions that will work for your office. With digital conversion, you can enjoy faster search times, greater security, and more efficient workflows. An MPS provider can help convert your documents and workflow to a digital environment so you’ll be able to find the documents you need quickly and easily.

Security is always a concern. Today’s devices store documents on their internal hard drive, which may not have proper security protections. […]

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What’s Best For Your Business: Buy or Lease a Copier

If you’re in the market for a new copier, one of the first questions that you’ll ask yourself is whether you should lease or buy. While there is no right answer, the best decision for your company is to determine upfront your needs, goals and budget.

Today’s copiers offer the ability to copy, print, scan, and fax, quickly making this technology an office staple. In addition, copiers now serve as an on-boarding tool for electronic document management systems.

Naturally, there are pros and cons for purchasing and leasing equipment, and here is a quick overview of the differences and how they could impact your organization:

Leasing a Copier

In a way, you can think of leasing a copier like leasing a car. You get to upgrade your device every few years with little hassle, allowing you to take advantage of the latest technology.

While leasing does tend to be the more expensive option, you should also consider the long term cost savings that would come from using the most energy efficient technology.

On the flip-side, depending upon the terms of your lease, you may still have to continue to make payments for the lease period even if you no longer use the equipment – which can happen when businesses experience a period of growth or change. Many companies are surprised by hidden costs at the end of their lease’s term, including hefty removal fees.

Buying a Copier

The big benefit of buying a copier is that you own it and are not tied down by any leasing terms. You can upgrade when you feel it’s necessary, and you may be able to recoup much of your cost.

On the downside, the purchase of a copier can be a major expense for most companies and often requires […]

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Important Reasons Why You Need a Mobile Strategy

Mobile devices are officially the preferred way of searching and communicating for the majority of consumers. Tablets and smartphones let consumers enjoy 24/7 online access from anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection. In fact, this year mobile became the primary means of engagement with consumers.
Here are some interesting numbers courtesy of eMarketer:

51% of all digital media is viewed on a mobile device
91% of adults keep their smartphones within reach 24 hours a day
11.3% of all web users browse exclusively using a mobile device

It’s pretty clear, the days of creating and launching a website as your first order of business are numbered. Today, you need a mobile strategy first!

Here are four reasons why optimizing for mobile users should be a priority:

 Mobile has special requirements – Viewing a site on mobile is a different experience than on a big screen. You need to use responsive design techniques to help your site automatically adjust to the various screen sizes and OS requirements of different devices. Furthermore, Google has recently announced that sites that are not mobile friendly will be negatively impacted in search results.
 Today, mobile is how consumers shop – Almost 75% of mobile users shop with their device, even when in a store. According to ComScore three out of five searches are done using a mobile device. Consumers today are savvy and will use their phones to check for the best price online, often while in your store. In fact, half of all travel and restaurant searches lead to a purchase. Mobile is a critical link to consumers in and outside of your store.
Use apps to enhance user experience – Apps are an excellent way to build loyalty if you can offer something truly useful with interactivity you can’t […]

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The Powerful Impact That Colour Can Have On Your Business

What if there was a simple solution for allowing you to more effectively communicate your message with the world? Well, there is, and the solution is colour. Many organizations consider colour printing to be a luxury rather than a necessity. However, printing in colour can play a powerful role in helping you to reach your customers and employees, allowing you to change your business for the better.
To best demonstrate this, here are several compelling facts about printing in colour and how it can have a tremendous positive impact on your business:
The Facts On Colour
With so much content out there to compete with, captivating your audience’s attention can be a challenge. However, by printing in colour, you can increase your readers’ attention span and recall by 82 percent.
Your audience prefers to read materials printed in colour. By taking advantage of colour, you can increase your readership by a whopping 80 percent. People are 55 percent more likely to read your direct mail materials if they are printed in colour.
Printing in colour can also make it easier for readers to digest and understand your message. Colour increases comprehension by 73 percent, and increases learning and retention by 78 percent.
When content is printed in colour, it’s also easier for readers to identify key information, allowing them to find it 70 percent faster. For this reason, many businesses will print important takeaways in colour. By printing a payment request in colour, the response rate increases by 30 percent. And, when you print your phone number in colour, you’re 44 percent more likely to receive business calls.
Colour can also greatly benefit your branding strategy, making your business 39 percent more memorable and increasing brand recognition by 80 percent. Ultimately, […]

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Upgrade Your Copier and Reap the Rewards

Your office copier may work fine, but is fine what you’re aiming for? When it comes to such a vital piece of office machinery, your employees and customers deserve the best, and while that may require you to upgrade your current copier, once you do you’ll reap the benefits immediately, and for years to come. If you’re looking for a sign, here are several to keep your eyes open for:
Long lines. Whether those long lines at the office copier are due to breakdowns, maintenance, or slow equipment, all have a negative impact on productivity and your bottom line. Today’s newer machines can print faster, require fewer repairs and are more feature-rich than their predecessors.
Increased costs. Over time, decreased efficiency can begin to add up, reflected in energy costs, materials, repairs and maintenance. Upgrading your copier can yield instant savings, with energy saving features designed to reduce your carbon footprint and downtime, and elicit fewer repairs.
Frequent repairs. Time spent servicing your office copier is time and money lost by your organization. Rather than spend more money on an ailing machine, consider investing in a newer machine.
Inadequate security. Your office copier has an internal hard drive which contains a great deal of confidential information. Without the proper security measures in place, this information is vulnerable to thieves and hackers, and can have devastating consequences. The latest technology includes a number of updated security features, including hard drive encryption, password protection, and secure options for scanning or faxing documents.
Too many candles. Age is a determining factor when deciding to upgrade your copier. If your machine has passed its fifth birthday, chances are the cost of maintenance and total cost of operation have surpassed the value of the copier. Experts […]

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Common Oversights In Your Print Environment

As the world continues to evolve, businesses have to do the same. That means being more conscious in many ways about oversights in the workplace that can impact the bottom line. Many of those oversights happen in the print environment. Here are three of the leading printing oversights that can easily be remedied:
Leaving Confidential Information in the Output Tray
This might be the number one security mistake in the office. It’s so easy to become distracted on the way to the printer or copier with a phone call, meeting or conversation, leaving critical and confidential data in the printer’s output tray (and into the hands of unsuspecting employees.)  The latest software can delay printing until the user is at the printer to quickly remove the document.
Incorrectly Loading Paper
Many companies don’t have a dedicated person to load paper every time it runs out; that means anybody who faces the load paper warning light is responsible for reloading. Seems simple enough, but there actually is a right and a wrong way to load paper. Be sure to load paper in the direction of the arrows on the paper packaging, fan the pages to reduce static electricity and pull pages that are curled or creased to eliminate the chance of a costly paper jam.
Not Recycling and Throwing Used Print Cartridges Away
Are you green yet? Does your office have a recycling program in place for used print cartridges? Many do not.  Sadly, the plastic and other elements in these cartridges won’t biodegrade for up to 10 centuries. A Managed Print provider can help implement a recycling plan in your office to help divert cartridges out of the landfill.
Reduce, or eliminate these common errors by implementing a set of print rules, and utilizing the […]

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