Were you aware that approximately 40-60% of all IT desk calls are print related? Is your IT staff spending their time dealing with printer issues – time better spent on mission critical tasks like generating revenue, or signing new clients?

Managed Print Services provider can keep your print environment running smoothly, so your IT team can spend their valuable time on tasks that will grow your business.

Here are four key reasons why Managed Print Services is a smart business choice that will translate directly to your bottom line:

  1. Clear Predictable Costs: 90% of businesses do not know what they are actually spending on print. An MPS relationship starts with an assessment of your print environment including all devices, usage and per page costs. This data can help you to understand which printers are most efficient, what can be replaced and the printing habits of users.
  2. Troubleshooting / Automation: An MPS relationship can make routine tasks like ordering toner automatic. An MPS provider can also manage, maintain and repair devices when necessary reducing downtime and lowering costs.
  3. One Invoice for All Services: You’ll receive one comprehensive invoice clearly outlining your costs for the month. No more unexpected tech service bills, over ordering supplies or running out of toner. One invoice means better budget predictability.
  4. Reclaim Your Time: The most important benefit of an MPS agreement is that your time is no longer spent worrying about your print environment. You can get back to the task of growing your business.

Increased employee productivity, budget predictability and time to focus on what matters to your business are just a few compelling reasons to outsource your printing needs. Why not engage us today and ask for a free, no obligation print assessment.  Let us show you all of the reasons Managed Print Services makes sense for your business!

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